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Jan 25th - Cute Neightbor

Jan 25th – Cute Neightbor

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One of neighbors have this in the door. Pretty cute actually

Jan 23rd - Rob Ford

Jan 23rd – Rob Ford

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I had the “pleasure” of attending a Rob Ford event at the Economic Club of [&hellip

Jan 19th - Edulis

Jan 19th – Edulis

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It seems that my life is all about food and restaurants! I need to start [&hellip

Jan 16th - Tim Ferris

Jan 16th – Tim Ferris

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I’m reading (for the third time) The 4 Hours Body by Tim Ferris. Too many [&hellip

Jan 15th - Aloft hotel

Jan 15th – Aloft hotel

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I simply loved this little sign&#

Jan 14th - Kobe Milwaukee

Jan 14th – Kobe beef…in Milwaukee

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Meeting in Milwaukee. Never been to Milwaukee before but it welcomes me with an incredible [&hellip

Jan 5th - Jamón

Jan 5th – Jamón

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Jamón for my trip. #vacuumpacking